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Martin Cleary and Mary Mungovan

Martin Cleary was the son of Francis Cleary and Hannah Marrinan. He was baptised on 28 October 1882 and presumed to have been born shortly prior to that date in Miltown Malbay, Co Clare, Ireland. The baptismal sponsors are recorded as John and Mary Cleary.

Mary Mungovan was the daughter of Patrick Mungovan, a farmer and blacksmith of Cloonlaheen, Co. Clare, but her mother's name is not known. Based on age at the time of her death, it is calculated that Mary was born in approximately 1881.

Martin Cleary, described as a farmer, married Mary Mungovan in Coore, Co Clare, on 7 February 1911.

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The Family Home at Illaun. Another photograph can be found on the page for Martin's father.


Martin and Mary resided at Illaun, Miltown Malbay. The following children have been identified :


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Left to Right, Back Row : Lizzie, Anthony, Biddy
Mary (nee Mungovan), Winnie, Martin



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Left to Right, Back Row : Lizzie, Winnie
Mary (nee Mungovan), Martin and grandson Pat Doran



Note the dog featured in both the above photographs.
She or he was obviously an integral part of the family, but her/his name is unknown.



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Mary Cleary (nee Mungovan)




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The late Michael O'Looney of New York, was the grandson of Sinon Cleary, and was raised in the house next to Martin's family in Illaun, Miltown Malbay. In 2003, when aged approximately 100, Michael recalled that Frank Cleary was not tall but that his sons, including Martin, were tall men, all six feet. Michael O'Looney further recalled that Martin Cleary was a popular man and, although he had no formal veterinary training, was very clever with cattle and with animals generally. He also recalled that Martin was a very solid man and that he took no nonsense.>

Martin died in 1964, at Illaun, at the age of 81 years, and his death was registered by his daughter, Ellen Crowe, a resident of Miltown Malbay. Martin's widow, Mary Cleary, died at Illaun in the following year, and her death was registered by her son-in-law, Michael Crowe, of Miltown Malbay.



Thanks to Bernie and John Cleary for providing the above photographs.





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