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James Hooper

In the 1841 census is shown as being 45 years of age, from which his birth can be calculated to have been in approximately 1796.

James was an accountant residing in St Sidwell in Exeter in Devon, England. He married Maria Endacott, daughter of Edward Endacott and Jenney Guscott.

In the 1841 census, James Hooper, aged 45, his wife Maria, aged 43, and Rosina Endacott, aged 10 (presumably their daughter) are recorded as residing in South Street (further address information appears to be "Braeon Place No 8" (significance not known) in the parish of Holy Trinity in Exeter. The census records that all three were born in Devon.

It appears that James Hooper may have been a favourite in the Endacott family. Maria's sister Mary gave the name "Hooper" as a middle name to one of her sons and the name was perpetuated as an Endacott family name for some generations.

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