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Caroline Matilda Shrimpton

Caroline Matilda Shrimpton was the daughter of James Thomas Shrimpton and Caroline Matilda Gardiner.

James Thomas Shrimpton, the fourth of six children, was born on 14 June 1815 and baptised 5 July 1815 in Rotherhithe. He was apprenticed to Charles Bridges Norcott between 1831 and 1838 and, as a waterman, he had apprentices of his own between 1848 and 1862. From at least 1846 until the 1861 census, the family was living at Surrey Place, Rotherhithe. In the 1871 census, the family was living at 2 Cow Lane, Rotherhithe. James died on 31 October 1872. The Times newspaper described his death when he was drowned in bad weather near Pimlico pier when the barge, he was on, sank. If his body was eventually found downstream or in the Thames estuary, then he was one of the deaths registered as unknown as there is no death registration for him.

Caroline Matilda Gardiner had been born on 23 August 1819 in Rotherhithe and baptised there on 12 September 1819. She married James Thomas Shrimpton on 2 December 1838 at St Dunstan Stepney. In the 1881 census, after James' death, she was living at 101 Gill Street, Poplar. Her death was registered in Poplar in 1883.


Caroline was the eldest of six children born to James and Caroline. Caroline junior was born on 23 February 1840 and baptised on 7 June 1840 at St Mary Rotherhithe. At some time she began living, as man and wife, with John McLean. Although they did not formally marry until after the births of most of their children, Caroline was known by John's surname. The family emigrated to New South Wales, arriving in Sydney on the ship Peterborough on 26 August 1880.


The children of John and Caroline McLean were :

John and Caroline married on 8 March 1880 in the parish church at Stepney, County Middlesex (London). The marriage appears to have been for the purpose of assisting family emigration to New South Wales where John's sister lived in the settlement of Merrendee, between Mudgee and Wellington.

John died in 1894 and Caroline Matilda McLean lived as a widow for almost 35 years more. In her later years she lived in the nearby town of Wellington and died in the Wellington District Hospital on 7 July 1929. She was buried in the Church of England cemetery at Wellington Flat.


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