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Brigid O'Malley

From information in the 1901 census and summarised with information about her husband, it is thought that Brigid O'Malley was born approx. 1833.

She lived in Clohanmore, Miltown Malbay, County Clare, Ireland.

Known as "Biddy", she married Sinon Cleary and lived in the house in which Sinon had been raised. This was the "second" Cleary house shown in the picture of the Cleary homes in Illaun, in Miltown Malbay.




It is thought that their children were

Sinon and Biddy's grandson, Michael O'Looney of New York, recalled that his grandmother used to walk around the land sprinkling holy water and adhering to many superstitions, as was common in Ireland at the time. Mike also thought that the O'Malley family had relations in Australia, including someone who was conscripted into the armed service (probably the war of 1914-1918).


Any further information about Sinon Cleary, his wife Brigid O'Malley or their descendants would be appreciated.



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