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Sarah Ann McLean

According to the International Genealogical Index ( Ann Maclean was born on 5 October 1827 and christened on 8 June 1828 in the church of St Mary, in Rotherhithe, London, England. Rotherhithe is a suburban area of London, in the Southwark area, near the Thames River.

According to her death certificate, her father's name is recorded as Richard McLean and her mother's name is recorded as unknown. As noted below, her mother's name was Sarah but the mother's surname is unknown. A reference, previously published here, to the identity of Sarah's mother is withdrawn as it is now confirmed not to be correct.

It is known that Sarah's mother died at some time in Sarah's childhood and her father re-married.

The family has been identified in the 1841 census of Rotherhithe, but Sarah is not recorded - possibly she was visiting elsewhere on the day of the census.


Sarah Ann Endacott (former name McLean);
(thanks to Eric and Nancy Endacott for the photograph)


The Immigration and Agents' Immigration Lists held by the State Library of New South Wales (microfilm 2135) shows Sarah McLean listed as number 30 among the "single females, not being members of families" on the General Hewitt which arrived in Sydney on 13 November 1848. Her occupation is described as "housemaid", native of London, Surry, Church of England religion, and able both to read and write (as were the majority of young single women on that ship). The ship brought to New South Wales 49 single females, 50 single males, 2 widows and 50 family groups.

In the Archives Authority of New South Wales' Assisted Immigrants document (which can be found on microfilm reel 2458 at the State Library of NSW), records can be found of Sarah's arrival. In addition to the above, is the information that Sarah's parents' names were Richard and Sarah and that only her father was still living at the time of her arrival in Sydney. Under the heading "relatives in colony" it is recorded "none"; under the heading "state of bodily health, strength & probably usefulness" is recorded "good" and under "any complaints regarding treatment on board the ship" is recorded "none" as it is for all the other travellers.

Sarah married James Hooper Endacott on 10 November 1851 in St James Church, in Sydney. According to the marriage certificate, both Sarah and her groom resided at the time in the parish of St. James in inner Sydney.   (At the start of the 21st century, St.James Church still stands at the north end of Sydney's Hyde Park and the nearby underground railway station is named "St James").

Information about their children is provided separately.

Sarah died on 2 January 1905 at Merrendee and was buried the following day on the "Devonshire" property where, to this day, her grave is maintained in good order. The death certificate records that, while there was an undertaker, there was no minister of religion at the funeral. The cause of death is listed as "(a) heat (b) heart failure", suggesting it may have been a very hot January. The witnesses of burial include her nephew, James R. McLean.


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