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James Hooper Endacott

James Hooper Endacott was born on 14 September 1857. He was the son of James Hooper Endacott (senior) and Sarah Ann McLean and it is reported that he was the first of their children born at Merrendee, where they made their home.

A photograph of James, aged approximately 15 years, is included with First Endacott Family at Merrendee.


James Hooper Endacott
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On 12 April 1899, he married Jane Cameron at Mudgee, NSW.  Jane was the half sister of Barbara Leggett, whom James' brother Richard Henry Endacott had married 15 years earlier.


see photograph of James and his brother Daniel with a gold nuggett.


Jane Cameron and James Hooper Endacott


Later, James and Jane built a home near the one where James had been raised. The house, built in approximately 1904, is shown above. A century later, the house is in disrepair but parts of it still stand on the "Fairview" property, still occupied by members of the Endacott family.


James Hooper Endacott and his wife Jane were buried on the Endacott property.
James' mother Sarah is also buried on this site.


The first photograph on this page was provided by Ian McMurtrie, grandson of James' brother Edward (Ned).
Other photographs on this page were provided by Lerleen Miller, grand-daughter of James and Jane.



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