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Henry George Price

At about the time of the death of James Price, a successful merchant in the town of Wentworth, New South Wales, a young 18 year old man arrived in the town and identified himself as James' younger brother.

There has been some confusion in the researching of this family and there had been some doubt whether Henry George Price was actually the younger brother of James Price. More details of this are recorded with information about their mother, Margaret Price. It appears that the two men shared the same mother but had different fathers. They would hardly have known each other. Henry would have been twenty one years younger than his brother and would have been born when his older brother was living in London. Henry would have been about four years of age when his older brother sailed for South Australia. Henry stated that he was, like James, a son of David and Margaret Price and also born in Abergavenny, Wales, but it is known that Margaret's husband, David Price, had died long before Henry's birth.

It does appear that George Price, baptised 16 July 1851 recorded as son of George Price, blacksmith, and Margaret Price, was the young man who later turned up in Australia using the name Henry George Price. No record has been located of any second marriage for Margaret but there may have been a common law de facto marriage; however there is no information about a man named George and it would be remarkable coincidence if not only her first husband had the same surname as she did before marriage but so too did her second husband. While the name of his father may be uncertain, it appears that his mother was the same woman who had, 21 years earlier, given birth to James Price.

No record has been located of Henry's arrival in Australia. His death certificate shows that his arrival in New South Wales, would have been in about the same year that his older brother died and it is not certain if they actually met. The circumstances of James' death by drowning are possibly suspicious. Perhaps Henry's arrival contributed in some way to James' death or perhaps Henry arrived after the event. Sadly just one year before Henry's arrival and James' death, another brother, Charles Price, had travelled from England and died in mysterious circumstances just before being reunited with James. There is an unexplained sequence of family tragedies.

The History of Wentworth (seventh edition, December 1984, compiled by David Tulloch for the Wentworth Shire Council), states that Henry arrived in Wentworth at the age of 18, opening a store with his brother James Price. However James' store was operating long before Henry's arrival and their time together, if there was such time, would have been quite brief.


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Henry became a solicitor and prominent citizen in the town. In 1887 and 1891-92, Henry George Price was the mayor of Wentworth. He was hospital committee president, warden to the vicar of St. John's, and entertained the Earl of Jersey (then governor of New South Wales) on his visit to the town. Henry Price is said to have driven the first pile on the original Darling River bridge in Wentworth.

Henry married Julia Thompson Sharp Harvey in 1875 (NSW regn. no. 4391/1875). Their children include :

Henry died of double pneumonia and heart failure in 1900 (NSW regn. no. 7434/1900). While not as young as his brother had been at the time of his death, Henry also left a widow and family some of whom were still young.

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