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First Endacott Family at Merrendee

The following information is about the children of James Hooper Endacott (1831-1885) and Sarah Ann McLean (1827-1905). Information has been complied from various, sometimes conflicting, sources and may not be completely correct. Any feedback or comments is welcome.


Daniel Endacott born 1852
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Mary Endacott born 1853,
married John Mills


Sarah Endacott born 1855,
married Richard Prior 1886


James Hooper Endacott born 1857
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Richard Endacott born 1859 (twin)
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Alice Emma Endacott born 1859 (twin),
died in infancy; no photograph available.



Maria Endacott born 1861,
married James Dowdall


Edward "Ned" Endacott born 1863,
married Eliza Robinson


Esther Endacott born 1865 (twin)
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unnamed girl, born 1865 (twin),
died in infancy; no photograph available.



William Endacott born 1867,
married McGee


John Endacott born 1869


Albert Endacott born 1871 (twin),
married Veenie Hodge


George Endacott born 1871 (twin),
married Lena Thomas



Some documents with the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages for New South Wales have the surname spelled "Endecott", for Daniel (born 1852) and Edward (born 1863). The name "Endicoot" is recorded for Sarah (born 1855) and "Endicott" for Maria (born 1861). The state system of registration did not commence until 1856 and records prior to this date were drawn from other sources, usually church baptismal records. Various pronunciations, clerical carelessness as well as possible copying errors were probably the reasons for the different spellings.


Thanks to Ian McMurtrie, grandson of Edward (Ned) Endacott for providing the above photographs. Ian has copies but does not have the originals. Based on information received from his mother, Ian is confident that the twelve photographs are photographs of the twelve surviving children of James and Sarah, however it is possible that there has been an error in assigning which photograph belongs with which name. Nevertheless provision of these photographs is much appreciated. If anyone can offer any helpful information please see the "contact us" link in the menu at the top left of the page.

It is thought that the photographs were probably all taken at the same time and that a travelling photographer may have photographed all the children during a stop in Merrendee. Based on appearance of each person, it is estimated that the photographs were taken in approximately 1872 at which time Daniel (the eldest) would have been twenty years old and the youngest twins just one year or thereabouts.


Sibert, Photographer, Melbourne
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The collection of family photographs also included this photograph of a travelling photographer. It is not certain that this would necessarily have been the photographer in this case, but it seems at least possible.




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