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In the late 1990s, the internet was still new and there were not many genealogy websites available. At that time, and were established to disseminate information about shared family histories.

The websites evoked interest and contact from many countries. Distant cousins found each other and shared information that had been inaccessible prior to the age of the internet.

A decade and a half later, there are many more opportunities for obtaining and publishing genealogical information and it is time for the old websites to be transformed. It is unclear what the future might hold for these sites.

While it is not possible to give a guarantee, it is planned that the websites will remain online in current form at least until the end of 2015 so that interested persons may copy information, photographs etc. for their own use or for inclusion on other internet sites. While any identified errors will be corrected, it is not intended to add further information. Interested users should copy the information they wish to retain as soon as they are able to do so, in case the sites need to be changed or removed earlier than the foreshadowed date. Publication on other websites or in print is encouraged, where permitted. Most of the information and photographs on the FamilyOrigins Network and Family History Index websites are not subject to copyright but, when re-publishing, you are asked to acknowledge the sources of information/photographs that others have contributed to the sites. In a small number of instances there may be a copyright restriction noted on photographs and you must respect the rights of the owners of such photographs.

I wish to thank the many contributors for their generosity in sharing their research, family stories, photographs and facts. I have enjoyed the journey, researching my own family history and sharing ideas and information with others. But now it is time for others to take the baton for the next leg of the relay.

Enthusiasts will have their own preferred genealogy websites. It is my intention to become a supporter of WIKITREE as this site appears to have similar goals to FamilyOrigins network and Family History Index but has been more successful in implementation. The site does not require payment of any fees but is supported by advertising appearing on the screen as one uses the site. It is my intention to add my direct ancestors and near relatives to Wikitree and I leave it to others to add people of interest to them, should they wish to do so.

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Thanks to everyone for their assistance and good wishes.

Michael Cleary





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